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We are there and doing tours!

It's actually been a year since we were here in the the blogosphere, but our plea of "Are we nearly there yet?" was answered with a "Yes!!!" shortly afterwards.

A few years ago, Worsley Delph was a forgotten, overgrown mess, belying the plaques and information boards of what lay literally beneath the sandstone bluff of Worsley. Most local visitors would say "Where are 50-odd miles of canal underground?" "Who was John Gilbert? He's got a pub named after him but what was he to do with?" Duke of Bridgewater? That's down south, isn't it? What's he doing here? Locals would have heard of James Brindley, he's got a school, a pub and even a block of flats bears his surname, but what did he have to do with anything? And what's all that orange stuff?

A Million Quid?

Well, after about a year of works, a million quid or so and a bit of a fanfare (ladies singing and afternoon tea actually, very nice it was too) Worsley Delph opened officially on Friday 29th November 2019.

With platforms, artefacts, sculptures, information boards and an amazing after-dusk light show, Worsley Delph is well worth a visit at any time of day and more importantly, it's the base for our guided tours of Worsley, the Worsley Wonder. First Saturday of the month, 11am from just by the Delph at Worsley - there's even a cafe & bar named after it now!

See for dates and to book. Or just send me a message.

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